UFC 226 Champion vs. Champion Superfight Stipe Miocic vs Daniel Cormeir

in a truly historic fight, light-heavyweight champion Daniel Cormeir will chllange Stipe Miocic for his UFC heavyweight title

Goosebumps, never in the history of the UFC had a champion VS champion fight take place above Welterweight, now we  an exciting fight with two UFC belts on the line (should we thank Connor Mcgregor?) to headline UFC 226 in Boston. we will update the betting lines once published, no other bouts have been announced for the event as of yet.

Stipe Miocic vs Daniel Cormier UFC 226 fight poster

Champion vs Champion UFC 226

The main attraction is more than enough, any other light-heavyweight challenging the heavyweight title would probably be the underdog due to sheer size, strength and KO volatility of the UFC’s heavyweight division but not so Cormeir who had already proven himself capable of defeating accomplished heavyweights such as Josh Barnett, Anthony Johnson and Alexander Gustaffson.

UFC fighter Daniel Cormier

Daniel Cormeir

In the opposite corner, Miocic just accomplished what no other UFC heavyweight fighter was able to – defend the title 3 times, unlike DC, Cleveland’s Miocic hasn’t tasted defeat recently and defeated a scary offensive fighter in Francis Ngannou, taking a hard fought yet dominating 5 round decision.

Stipe Miocic UFC heavyweight champion

Stipe Miocic

Whatever happens the future seems promising for the division with Cane Velasquez and Fabricio Werdum lurking the winner with their own aspirations to retain their lost title.




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