UFC 258 Results: Hernandez Submits Vieira with 30-1 Odds

Anthony Hernandez Shock upsets x7 BJJ Champ Rodulfo Vieira

What would you bet in case we pitch a Brazillian Jiu Jitsu Purple Belt versus a BJJ legend a 7-time world champion?
Will your betting decision be any different if we add gloves and mixed martial arts rules to the mix? How about, what if we schedule to fight on UFC 258 perlims? Would you consider wagering an online bet for the Purple belt to SUBMIT the former world champion?

Very few Online Bookmakers, if any really believed this outcome likely. Evident by the massive discrepancy in odds, some even went as much as labeling Vieira a 30-1 favorite on the betting line. A former LFA fighter, “Fluffy” was 1-2 in the UFC coming into the fight.

Seconds into the fight and it looked like game over. Vieira got the takedown and worked his elite BJJ game, threatened with submissions and put a lot of pressure on the young fighter.

Not to be denied, the UFC betting underdog Hernandez valiantly fought out of tight Arm Triangle and Armbar attempts before raising back to his feet. 

What happened next was as shocking and unexpected as an MMA fight can be.

Credit: UFC

From that moment on, the momentum shifted.
Hernandez blasted the UFC betting favorite with powerful punches and a massive headkick. on the other and Rodulfo Vieira was exhausted and wilting with every failing takedown.
Surviving the round, Vieira was visibly rocked and did not recover in between rounds.

Midway through the second round, after another successful takedown defense Hernandez opt to jump on a guillotine choke. Losing position for a submission attempt is rarely advisable yet Fluffy’s gamble was spot on.

Vieira had nothing left in the tank, beaten and bloodied he tapped.

Photo by Jeff Bottari/Zuffa LLC

Hernandez Shocks the MMA world, Usman Retains Title

Anthony Hernandez won a “performance of the night” and an extra $50K. This is a career defining moment for the young UFC fighter.

“I’m not afraid to fight anybody,” said Hernandez. “At the end of the day, I know my coaches and my team will get me prepared and that’s plain and simple. I got into this sport because I knew I could be the best and just because he’s 7-0 doesn’t mean he’s unbeatable. I wanted to be the first one to prove he’s [expletive] beatable. And I submitted him and that’s his [expletive], so let’s go.”

He added, “I love to beat people at their own game because then it’s just like, ‘alright, well what did you beat me at?’ Because if you beat them at their best, then they have no excuse. So, I wanted to give him no excuses.”

In UFC 258 Main Event, Betting favorite Kamaru Usman convincingly defeated underdog Gilbert Burns. The champion had to survive an early knockdown to rally behind his pace and jab to get the finish early in the third round.

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