Chris Leben Retires After KO win in final BKFC fight

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Credit: BKFC

Former MMA, UFC & BKFC fighter,KO artist Chris "The Crippler" Leben Retires

It was a wild ride, Chris Leben participated in many wars inside the ring and the cage. Now it seems his fighting career is coming to an end. The 18 year vet and minor betting favorite (-195) went out they way he always fights. 67 wild seconds after the bell rang to start his BKFC bout against Quentin Henry it was all over. As with many of Chris Leben’s Opponents a powerful 1-2 combo brought a sudden, violent ending to the fight.

Leben made his feelings known during the post fight interview.
“I wanted somebody that was gonna swing like a motherfucker at me, and I knew Quentin was gonna do that,”.
Leben continued, “That’s how I wanted to finish my career, so thank you to Quentin and thank you BKFC for that opportunity”.

Chris Leben retires with a 22-10 fighting record in both MMA and Boxing. During his time with the UFC he clashed with MMA legends as Anderson Silva, Michael Bisping, Brian Stann and Wanderlei Silva.

Known for his stone fists and granite chin, never the most technical striker Leben would go out on his shield brawling in every fight.

Chris Leben’s career is a treasure trove of wild fighting and show of toughness  that will surely grace many MMA and Boxing highlights. 


UFC fighters upset in BKFC KnuckleMania

After one career ended, another fighter was looking to make an impressive debut in her BKFC fighting path.

Former UFC fighter Paige VanZant was the -150 favorite but it all changed once the bell rang.
Britain Heart ‘s Jab, Body shots and general boxing skills were too much for the first time BKFC Fighter. 

Britain Heart upset Paige VanZant and the future looks bright for the home grown BKFC warrior. The +120 betting underdog is highly unlikely to be doubted again. 

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